Film Showreel

Showreel containing extracts from with feature films and television drama that Phil has composed the soundtracks to.


A selection of film and game trailers that Phil has composed the music for.

Trailer to the feature film VENDETTA

Trailer to the feature film JOURNEY TO LE MANS

Trailer to the iOS game Fire Fu by Retrofist


A selection of extracts from a mixture of films, documentaries, television adverts and corporate videos that Phil has scored the music for.

TV advert for Worcestershire Rapids cricket

An emotional documentary about the MEAK charity working in Kenya featuring the voice of Bill Nighy

Sometimes a scene needs space to breath so when the music makes its entrance it has more impact, which is the case in this extract from the beautiful film Closing Doors, that follows a grieving wife coming to terms with the loss of her husband. Note the change in key and melody helping to signify the realisation that she has finally let go of her apparitions and is ready to move on.

SNOWMAN – A short film by director Stephen Reynolds before he made Vendetta

A corporate promo video for QHotels

Miscellaneous Tracks

Worldly Music

The Scottish Glen (upbeat Celtic influenced music)